Crochet star blanket

star blanket full

My gosh I feel like I haven’t posted anything for ages….well it has been two months…eek! How are you all? Its been a busy few months and my two boys keep me so so busy. Anyway I’ll hopefully be able to share what I’ve been up to the last few months so lets start with this little lovely.

Star blanket

Yarn | spare Drops lima left over from my Vstitch blanket

Hook | 5mm

Pattern | I found via pinterest which was on crochetville forum can be found here.ย I simply just did a double crochet edge to finish.

Notes | It took no time at all and I wished I had more yarn to make it bigger as it is on the small size. It is however currently prefect for my youngest legs in the buggy and car.

folded star blanket

star blanket close up

Crochet V Stitch Blanket…

V Stitch Love

So my lovely sister in laws brought me some beautiful Drops Lima Yarn for my birthday two years ago and last year there was a lot of V stitch blankets trending on my instagram feed so I thought I’d give it a go! I finally managed to finish it last month and its taking me forever to share with you, life with two little boys keeps me busy!

So here she is……

v stich blanket folded

Hook | 4.5mm

Yarn | Drops Lima is 65% wool and 35% alpaca and makes a lovely chunky like blanket – these are the colours I used…9010 light grey – 4305 dark blue – 4088 heather – 5310 light brown – 6235 grey blue – 5610 brown – 4377 dark purple – 5820 ruby red – 6273 cerise.

Pattern | I followed AnneMarieshaakblog and chainedย 210 +2 +2

Notes | I was a little worried about the cerise colour but I actually really like it and unfortunately I am definitely not a random stripe kind of girl I tried I failed so just repeated what I had started with. The finished blanket is huge at approx 176x138cm….and my whole family love it including me.

corner vstitch blanket

v stitch over chair

I had a few balls left of this yarn and so I made the boys a small car blanket I’ll post this soon lovelies…x

Completed Crochet CAL 2014

Soooooo I’ve an confession I actually finished this CAL blanket a good few week ago for my brother and his partners 30th birthday, and I’ve just not had a chance to share with you the completed blanket. So here it is….

CAL Crochet Blanket A Block A Week 2014

Hook | 5mm

Yarn | Stylecraft Special DK in Mocha, White and Raspberry

Blocks | can be found here

CAL BlanketI simple joined them by stitching them together using the whipped stitch in the back loops.

CAL Blanket rolledI didn’t really set the blocks out in any particular order as I liked the randomness (plus I was tight on time to get it finished) I did though place all the puffy/more textured blocks in a cross in the middle.

CAL Blanket 1

CAL blanket 2The Border | I simply spent hours on pinterest but eventually decided on two rows of double crochet (uk treble), a V Stitch row, another double crochet row and then simply a single crochet (uk double crochet) in a contrasting colour. and I was quite happy with the outcome.

CAL BorderSo for something that has taking me a good year in the making I am very happy with the completed blanket and I was very sad to see it leave, but I do know the recipients love it as much as I loved making it!

If you have like following this CAL on my blog why not visit us over on the offical CCC facebook page and give some a go.

Right now to find another CAL……