Homemade Christmas adventย 

So I am a very incredibly crafty mummy and any chance I get I love to encourage my boys to craft as well. So when it comes to Christmas I take the opportunity not to buy a chocolate advent calender but to make my own. 

Here’s what I did last year and how I did it…

I simply printed off a craft/event and popped it in a envelope with a token chocolate coin one each for my boys then they get to open one a day until Christmas Eve when they get their Christmas boxes. I’m afraid I wasn’t very inventive with my decoration and my purpose was to do it without spending too much money! So brown envelopes and Christmas tape it was, with a basket tied up with a sparkly bow.

My printed advent was fairly simply and I based it on simply crafts that my boys could do and events that were happening in December as well visits to places like the garden centre, Santas grotto etc.  I actually printed simply sentences followed with an image (Pinterest is a pretty good app for this) as my boys then 3 and 1 wouldn’t have got the idea behind it otherwise.

Here’s some of the days (for some reason I didn’t photograph them all)  


DIY advent 

1 make Christmas cards | 2 make playdough | 3 present Christmas book | 4 search for pine cones and decorate with pompoms | 5 make Christmas pizza | 6 put the Christmas tree up | 7 visit the reindeer | 8 make Christmas paperchains | 9 make reindeer pegs for Christmas cards | 10 Christmas letter from Santa | 11 choose a new Christmas decoration for the tree | 12 present sticker book | 13 make ginger bread house | 14 make hot chocolate and visit the Christmas lights | 15 go to Christmas party | 16 make Christmas biscuits | 17 decorate the snowmen | 18 make marshmallow snowmen | 19 make a Lego snow globe | 20 go to Nannys house | 21 go see Father Christmas | 22 go see the gruffalo | 23 present homemade Christmas stocking | 25 Christmas Eve box 

I hope this inspires you to get your craft on this Christmas they are only little once! 


A busy few months | weddings…crochet…house buy…

Since my last post I don’t think I’ve actually had a chance to even think of blogging about anything! 

We’ve had hen dos, and then weddings…my eldest started school in September (where does the time go! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ)….we brought our second house which felt like it took forever (albeit I was very very impatient with the whole thing!) don’t worry though there has still been plenty of crochet! 

In fact a few months ago I was a featured instagrammer on crochet concupiscence….if you follow me on instagram you may have notice I tag a lot of my photos with the hashtag #crochetconcupiscence 

It was lovely and confidence boosting to be featured and it’s only this week now I’m on holiday how proud and thankful of this. 

So what have I been up to….well I had a craft table at my local library which was fun to do 

I’ve had my etsy shop updated which I’m still trying to understand but think I may be getting somewhere with it. And so to the festive season with a few local craft stalls I’ve booked hopefully the new year will be my year. 

Anyway onwards and upwards I promise to have another post ready with all my Christmas makes soon. ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป 

Heart Intarsia Crochet Cushion

heart cushion

Two posts in one week you lucky things…..so here’s another experimental crochet piece I’ve worked on a month or so ago, and I was really happy how it came out. Although my eldest boy was a little unhappy as he didn’t want hearts he wanted it to be in a superhero style! I may have to get my thinking cap on for that one though!

heart cushion fullHeart Cushion

Hook | 5mm

Yarn | As I was practicing I used the cheapest horriblish yarn from my stash so I didn’t feel bad if I didn’t like the outcome. Its was a dk arcylic yarn in two colours, sky blue and grey.

Pattern | I decided to try my hand at designing my own cushion and unfortunately I should of planned it before I started,ย I’ll know for next time. I am currently trying to write the pattern for what I did but I am strugglingย to put it into words that others will understand. So you may have to bear with me for that one. In the meantime check out little doolally’s blog for tips on Intarsia Crochet hereย which I found it be super helpful.

heart cushion close up

Who doesn’t like a giant button or two???? I loved these buttons that used to adorn an old cardigan that my hubby used to hate, a brilliant recycle!

Anyone else made anything using intarsia crochet?? have you blogged it please feel free to share! xx