crochet crushes

My February crochet crush….Make.e

So I've had a wee break from my crochet crushes but I'm back just in time for February....I continually love everything this lady does...Make.e aka Emily, is a legend and I think secretly a crochet superhero. The speed at which she knocks out her beautifully designed items is phenomenal! Nevermind how quickly she gets the… Continue reading My February crochet crush….Make.e


Crochet Bear Ear Pattern

Hello me again... I've recently started making things to order again and one of my favourite and very quick makes is threadthelove's floppy eared bunny bonnet. However I also think this hat is completely adorable with bear ears. I did my usual Pinterest and google search but couldn't quite find what I was looking for… Continue reading Crochet Bear Ear Pattern