Homemade Christmas advent 

So I am a very incredibly crafty mummy and any chance I get I love to encourage my boys to craft as well. So when it comes to Christmas I take the opportunity not to buy a chocolate advent calender but to make my own. 

Here’s what I did last year and how I did it…

I simply printed off a craft/event and popped it in a envelope with a token chocolate coin one each for my boys then they get to open one a day until Christmas Eve when they get their Christmas boxes. I’m afraid I wasn’t very inventive with my decoration and my purpose was to do it without spending too much money! So brown envelopes and Christmas tape it was, with a basket tied up with a sparkly bow.

My printed advent was fairly simply and I based it on simply crafts that my boys could do and events that were happening in December as well visits to places like the garden centre, Santas grotto etc.  I actually printed simply sentences followed with an image (Pinterest is a pretty good app for this) as my boys then 3 and 1 wouldn’t have got the idea behind it otherwise.

Here’s some of the days (for some reason I didn’t photograph them all)  


DIY advent 

1 make Christmas cards | 2 make playdough | 3 present Christmas book | 4 search for pine cones and decorate with pompoms | 5 make Christmas pizza | 6 put the Christmas tree up | 7 visit the reindeer | 8 make Christmas paperchains | 9 make reindeer pegs for Christmas cards | 10 Christmas letter from Santa | 11 choose a new Christmas decoration for the tree | 12 present sticker book | 13 make ginger bread house | 14 make hot chocolate and visit the Christmas lights | 15 go to Christmas party | 16 make Christmas biscuits | 17 decorate the snowmen | 18 make marshmallow snowmen | 19 make a Lego snow globe | 20 go to Nannys house | 21 go see Father Christmas | 22 go see the gruffalo | 23 present homemade Christmas stocking | 25 Christmas Eve box 

I hope this inspires you to get your craft on this Christmas they are only little once! 


A busy few months | weddings…crochet…house buy…

Since my last post I don’t think I’ve actually had a chance to even think of blogging about anything! 

We’ve had hen dos, and then weddings…my eldest started school in September (where does the time go! 😱)….we brought our second house which felt like it took forever (albeit I was very very impatient with the whole thing!) don’t worry though there has still been plenty of crochet! 

In fact a few months ago I was a featured instagrammer on crochet concupiscence….if you follow me on instagram you may have notice I tag a lot of my photos with the hashtag #crochetconcupiscence 

It was lovely and confidence boosting to be featured and it’s only this week now I’m on holiday how proud and thankful of this. 

So what have I been up to….well I had a craft table at my local library which was fun to do 

I’ve had my etsy shop updated which I’m still trying to understand but think I may be getting somewhere with it. And so to the festive season with a few local craft stalls I’ve booked hopefully the new year will be my year. 

Anyway onwards and upwards I promise to have another post ready with all my Christmas makes soon. 🎄🎁🎅🏻 

Adult colouring in….how awesome!

colouring in

Hands up who knew adult colouring in existed and apparently it is now a “in thing” to do, openingly at that too (no need to hide it at home). I used to love colouring in as a child I would spend hours doing it and I won’t even go into my stationary obsession. Myself and my bestie spent so long picking new pens and pencils on a Saturday afternoon we rarely did anything else!

So when I spotted Fatmumslim’s post the other day on adult colouring in I did what every art & crafts mummy would do I printed them all out, and got my derwent pencils sharpened and at the ready (i also had to print the boys some superhero colouring in pages too I might add) and got down to it. It was great I spent ages on one sheet and I’ve just finished another one today I feel calm and better for it.

So why colour in, well it is supposed to calm and relax you and make you less anxious and I whole heartedly agree! I encourage everyone to give it a go….now I’m just waiting to go shopping so I can buy my very own adult colouring in book.

pencil savings
colouring insitu