Small Granny Square Bunting Tutorial

granny square bunting

So I needed to change the bunting hanging on my fireplace from my Easter bunnies and I decided I wanted something very simple plus I wanted to use some lovely cotton so while the little ones attacked our craft table with playdoh I hooked up these beautiful little squares.

Hook: 4mm
Yarn: Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Shrimp, White, Silver
Pattern: Simple Granny Square pattern

Blocking: I’ve also found a fondness for blocking and really like what it achieves with these little blocks. I simply pinned these blocks to some of my boys foam mats (luckily they didn’t notice) sprayed them with water (I used an old window cleaning spray bottle – how resourceful of me eh!) and left them overnight.

granny squares before blocking

granny squares blocking

granny squares after blocking

 Ta Dah…

And the finished article… for such a simple project I think it looks quite stunning on my mantel piece.

granny square bunting insitu 2

And here’s how I did it:

granny square bunting tut 1

granny square bunting tut 2

granny square bunting tut 3

granny square bunting tut 4

granny square bunting tut 5

granny square bunting tut 6

And then you can say ta dah!

This blog entry is my submission to the Deramores Blog Awards 2014. Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies.

Popcorn Stitch

My Step by Step Tutorial for the popcorn stitch.

Popcorn stitch example

Now I’m no expert crocheter but I’m no beginner either and looking through the posts of my new favourite facebook group (official CCC social group) a lot of people seemed to struggle with the popcorn stitch. So I made my own short photo step by step tutorial as it helped me and may help others. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts as I’m still learning myself.

Popcorn stitch:

Uk terms – 5 tr into stitch, leave loop insert hook into first tr, pick up loop and pull through stitch.

US terms – 5 dc into stitch, leave loop insert hook into first dc, pick up loop and pull through stitch.

So here’s the step by step pictures:

Popcorn step 1

Step 1 – 5 tr (5dc) into stitch then remove hook from loop.

Popcorn step 2

Step 2 – Insert hook into the first tr stitch (dc stitch)

Popcorn step 3

 Step 3 – Then insert hook into loop

Popcorn step 3

Popcorn step 3

 Step 4 – Pull the loop through the stitch (I found squeezing the 5 tr (5dc) together when doing this helped)

Popcorn step 4

 Step 5 – Chain 1

Ta Da!