Crochet bunny pattern

Happy hoppy Easter....I do love a good Easter hunt don't you?! Well here's my very own pattern for a little bunny to hide a special little egg...Yarn....cotton Aran Hook....4.5mm Make 2 Ch12 work dc back along working in the back loops (this is personal preference as I think it looks a little neater) (11) R1-2… Continue reading Crochet bunny pattern


Crochet Bear Ear Pattern

Hello me again... I've recently started making things to order again and one of my favourite and very quick makes is threadthelove's floppy eared bunny bonnet. However I also think this hat is completely adorable with bear ears. I did my usual Pinterest and google search but couldn't quite find what I was looking for… Continue reading Crochet Bear Ear Pattern

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Crochet cluster coaster pattern 

So I had a lovely surprise on Sunday I found that I was featured on crochet concupiscence's blog written by the wonderful kathryn, it really was a wonderful surprise and I'm feeling a little proud. Anyhoo I've had quite a few people ask about the pattern for the coasters featured so as I made up… Continue reading Crochet cluster coaster pattern