Homemade Christmas advent 

So I am a very incredibly crafty mummy and any chance I get I love to encourage my boys to craft as well. So when it comes to Christmas I take the opportunity not to buy a chocolate advent calender but to make my own. 

Here’s what I did last year and how I did it…

I simply printed off a craft/event and popped it in a envelope with a token chocolate coin one each for my boys then they get to open one a day until Christmas Eve when they get their Christmas boxes. I’m afraid I wasn’t very inventive with my decoration and my purpose was to do it without spending too much money! So brown envelopes and Christmas tape it was, with a basket tied up with a sparkly bow.

My printed advent was fairly simply and I based it on simply crafts that my boys could do and events that were happening in December as well visits to places like the garden centre, Santas grotto etc.  I actually printed simply sentences followed with an image (Pinterest is a pretty good app for this) as my boys then 3 and 1 wouldn’t have got the idea behind it otherwise.

Here’s some of the days (for some reason I didn’t photograph them all)  


DIY advent 

1 make Christmas cards | 2 make playdough | 3 present Christmas book | 4 search for pine cones and decorate with pompoms | 5 make Christmas pizza | 6 put the Christmas tree up | 7 visit the reindeer | 8 make Christmas paperchains | 9 make reindeer pegs for Christmas cards | 10 Christmas letter from Santa | 11 choose a new Christmas decoration for the tree | 12 present sticker book | 13 make ginger bread house | 14 make hot chocolate and visit the Christmas lights | 15 go to Christmas party | 16 make Christmas biscuits | 17 decorate the snowmen | 18 make marshmallow snowmen | 19 make a Lego snow globe | 20 go to Nannys house | 21 go see Father Christmas | 22 go see the gruffalo | 23 present homemade Christmas stocking | 25 Christmas Eve box 

I hope this inspires you to get your craft on this Christmas they are only little once! 


Handcarved stamps….

hand carved stamps close up

For those who follow my instagram feed you may already know that my little brother is getting married this year. I am super excited about this as he always swore he wasn’t the marrying kind (I knew it was because he hadn’t met the right girl yet though!) anyhow I offered to make the stationary for them. I did my wedding stationary (6 years ago) but crafts and my experience have come on lot since then, plus my bro and fiance are my biggest crochet fans and love everything I make.

Anyway I really wanted to make them special and personal  so I thought I would have a go at handcarving my own stamps. I follow a few accounts on instagram and was totally inspired and after a few (I’d like to say minutes but we all know its never minutes !) hours on pinterest I had filled my online shopping basket full of goodies and waited.

I had a few practise runs but once I got the hang of it its pretty easy, use the smallest blade to go round the outline of the image first then use the bigger ones to get rid if the part of the block your image doesn’t use. Then ink and stamp it, removing anymore of the block until you’re happy with the print…ta dah…easy right?!

I only spent about £6 in total on these materials but I do think I would upgrade to a better lino handle and cutters for a sharper and smoother cut for future stamps…but I hooked!

Materials | 

  • Stanley knife (I already had a few well used one from my uni days)
  • Speedball Speedy Carve block (I ordered a small one 4″x6″)
  • Lino handle which included 5 cutters
  • Tracing paper
  • Paper on which to draw logo or print one out from the computer
  • Ink pad
  • TOP TIP Wetwipes (very essential as so easy to clean up stamps afterward!)

stamp prints


Stamps made so far…..Its a wonderful life silhouette (the bro’s favourite Christmas film) | Tea & Crochet logo  | Teapot | Brothers and fiance’s initials.

Go try it….x

Adult colouring in….how awesome!

colouring in

Hands up who knew adult colouring in existed and apparently it is now a “in thing” to do, openingly at that too (no need to hide it at home). I used to love colouring in as a child I would spend hours doing it and I won’t even go into my stationary obsession. Myself and my bestie spent so long picking new pens and pencils on a Saturday afternoon we rarely did anything else!

So when I spotted Fatmumslim’s post the other day on adult colouring in I did what every art & crafts mummy would do I printed them all out, and got my derwent pencils sharpened and at the ready (i also had to print the boys some superhero colouring in pages too I might add) and got down to it. It was great I spent ages on one sheet and I’ve just finished another one today I feel calm and better for it.

So why colour in, well it is supposed to calm and relax you and make you less anxious and I whole heartedly agree! I encourage everyone to give it a go….now I’m just waiting to go shopping so I can buy my very own adult colouring in book.

pencil savings
colouring insitu