Still crocheting…..

My goodness I’ve just realised how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog post! Shocking really but I’m afraid life just takes over with two very busy boys and with another on the way, one house move and a first year of school I’ve just not had a chance to keep you all updated with what I’ve been working on. 

So what have I been up to? Well here’s just a few projects…

  A fair few newborns are being cuddled in my granny square blankets and mini cardigans this year, along with some very natural and organic teething rings and teething necklaces. Also my very own dungaree design with a pompom bunny which I may share the pattern very soon right here. 

So teacher gifts featured heavily this year and I opted to make a beautiful rose hearts for both school and preschool teachers. I also had a family member go through some horrid chemo treatment so I quickly hooked up a cotton hat and ear warmer for her. And one of the most recent makes (this week) is stickman, he’s a wee bit fiddly but look how cute he is!

So what now well I’m hoping to start providing some of my very own patterns on here but you may need to forgive my pregnancy brain within the writing! X 


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