Crochet Christmas elf….

So hopefully most of you saw my blog post last week about my advent calendar I made for my boys last year, well this year it’s similar apart from I’ve made a couple of crochet elves who bring little presents, a Christmassy craft or an activity for that day.

I’ve obviously got the idea from “elf on the shelf” but I’ve altered the rules slightly to fit in with our family


  • The elves must be loved and we must be kind to them by looking after them for the whole 24 days
  • The elves fly back to Santa each night to report on whether the boys have be good or a little naughty, as they are always watching and listening 
  • Every morning we have to search for them to see what they’ve got planned for us that morning whether it’s a craft activity, a planned visit or a little present
  • They also bring a little envelope with a chocolate coin in as the chocolate before breakfast was one of the things I loved about December when I was younger! 

How I made him 

I used a free pattern by Sydney Duenas which you can find on raverly here

I actually worked the body slightly different by just ch 23 and working 22 dc in each ch. I then joined the last stich to the first dc stitch to create a round with a sl stitch. I then turned at the end of each row ch1 and worked dc all the round until length stated by the pattern. 

I would also make the hat slightly smaller if i make them again as it is too big but my boys quite like taking them off and on again. 

I used drops Paris cotton with a 5mm hook. 

I also popped pipe cleaners into the arms and legs but I wish I had double or tripled them up as they keep popping out the ends of my crochet! Trial and error eh?! 

Most important thing is that both my boys like then and love finding them in the morning! I’ll pop some new posts up soon with what they get up to…..x


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