Heart Intarsia Crochet Cushion

heart cushion

Two posts in one week you lucky things… here’s another experimental crochet piece I’ve worked on a month or so ago, and I was really happy how it came out. Although my eldest boy was a little unhappy as he didn’t want hearts he wanted it to be in a superhero style! I may have to get my thinking cap on for that one though!

heart cushion fullHeart Cushion

Hook | 5mm

Yarn | As I was practicing I used the cheapest horriblish yarn from my stash so I didn’t feel bad if I didn’t like the outcome. Its was a dk arcylic yarn in two colours, sky blue and grey.

Pattern | I decided to try my hand at designing my own cushion and unfortunately I should of planned it before I started, I’ll know for next time. I am currently trying to write the pattern for what I did but I am struggling to put it into words that others will understand. So you may have to bear with me for that one. In the meantime check out little doolally’s blog for tips on Intarsia Crochet here which I found it be super helpful.

heart cushion close up

Who doesn’t like a giant button or two???? I loved these buttons that used to adorn an old cardigan that my hubby used to hate, a brilliant recycle!

Anyone else made anything using intarsia crochet?? have you blogged it please feel free to share! xx



4 thoughts on “Heart Intarsia Crochet Cushion”

  1. I love the hearts in that cushion! And such a nice colour of blue..
    I saw some other pretty things you made on this blog, I’m your new follower from today on.
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

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