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Adult colouring in….how awesome!

colouring in

Hands up who knew adult colouring in existed and apparently it is now a “in thing” to do, openingly at that too (no need to hide it at home). I used to love colouring in as a child I would spend hours doing it and I won’t even go into my stationary obsession. Myself and my bestie spent so long picking new pens and pencils on a Saturday afternoon we rarely did anything else!

So when I spotted Fatmumslim’s post the other day on adult colouring in I did what every art & crafts mummy would do I printed them all out, and got my derwent pencils sharpened and at the ready (i also had to print the boys some superhero colouring in pages too I might add) and got down to it. It was great I spent ages on one sheet and I’ve just finished another one today I feel calm and better for it.

So why colour in, well it is supposed to calm and relax you and make you less anxious and I whole heartedly agree! I encourage everyone to give it a go….now I’m just waiting to go shopping so I can buy my very own adult colouring in book.

pencil savings
colouring insitu


6 thoughts on “Adult colouring in….how awesome!”

  1. I love adult coloring. In fact I am in the process of coloring the same item you show in your post. I am about half way done and my color choices are very similar to yours. Smart minds think alike!!

  2. Yes, this was a news story one morning. I love the whole idea of it. The possibilities of color, the rush of childhood memories, and the soothing knowledge that one can’t go wrong with coloring.

  3. Love your blog – Who doesn’t like tea and crochet?! I think creating beautiful work is always worthwhile and as it’s relaxing, there are many therapeutic benefits. Would love to hear your thoughts on my designs 🙂

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