DIY Fabric yarn from Pajamas….

seat padIts friday anyone else have that friday feeling?! I certainly do, however I am feeling back on track with things this week and I thought I would try something new on the blog today…….a small tutorial.            SO bare with me and as usual I welcome all comments and thoughts xx

1Well I have these lovely pajama bottoms and they unfortunately tore in that very embarrassing place so I kept them hoping I would find a use for them, long story short I found them the other day and decided what do I current love? Yarn of course! So I thought I would make fabric yarn to then crochet into a useful seat pad for my hard dinning chairs (chair singular actually it only made one seat pad!).

2Here’s how I did it…

  1. Cut off the bottom seams.
  2. Fold the leg in half length ways then cut strips just stopping about half an inch before the top seam.
  3. Cut all the way down the leg till the crotch then cut off. Open up the top seam
  4. Cut diagonal across the lengths to make one continuous fabric strip…
    pj yarn 7

Ta Dah….3There was still fabric to be had so I straightened up the top part of the pajamas and cut that into strips too.

pj yarn ballAnd finally some beautiful fabric yarn….stay tuned for the next step for crocheting the seat pad!

Thank you all for reading your likes and comments really make my day!

Lou x


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