Octonauts Birthday Party


Is the Octonauts mantra, for those of you who have small children you may be aware of the very entertaining program the OCTONAUTS. To be honest it is one of the better ones and the creators have a beautiful repertoire of illustrations under their belt.

So my eldest boy has been into these cute characters for a couple of years and the youngest has embraced it full heartedly, hence his second birthday party had to have this theme.

So to pinterest and Google I went I found an array of ideas and with my newly purchased HP Printer off I went….

IMG_9620Peso Cake

IMG_9621Party Bags consisting of a bath squirter, glow stick, chocolate coins, chocolate penguin/polar bear


IMG_9628Paper plate jelly fish that the boys helped make

IMG_9627Kelp seaweed all round the walls and doors

IMG_9633We have so many Octonaut toys and books it was very easy to Octofy my house!

IMG_9636The Party food….

IMG_9642The Birthday Boy!

It was such a fun day we had a treasure hunt, tissue flying fishy’s, musical statues and pass the parcel…now I can’t wait to organise the oldest boys party….superheroes wish me luck!

Note – I will hopefully pop all links on how I did this party later this week, if you’d like to look now go and have a look at my pinterest account. xxx


3 thoughts on “Octonauts Birthday Party”

  1. My girls used to watch that. The characters are cute and as a marine life lover I like how they teach about sea creatures and how to keep them safe. Splendid job on this party. Hau’oli la hanau to this cutie.

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