My Top 5…Crochet Tops, Jumpers, Cardigan patterns

One of my friends has this beautiful baby girl who is one in a couple of weeks and I really wanted to make her something to wear. So my search began…

I trolled through hundreds of listings on raverly and I found these wonderful patterns that I really wanted to share. (Being a mum of two boys I do get very excited when it comes to little girls clothing as you really can’t dress boys in smart pretty things all the time, for one they’d never let me plus they’d have food smeared down it within seconds and grass stains on the elbows within an hour!)
I can’t make them all now but I am planning on working on them at some point so here’s my top 5:

EloiseThis colourful little lovely is by Moogly and is a freebie it can be found on raverly and Moogly’s website and I am very much looking forward in trying this one out. I’m thinking Browns, creams, dusty pinks.

sweet yokeSweet Yoke cardigan by the tree bridge aka Claire collier can be found on her Etsy shop for a reasonably £2.99 and I am thinking that this is definitely suitable for a boy and a girl. So again its on my to do list in these exact colours.

granny square to wearThis oh so beautiful simple top would be perfect to snuggle next too and is another lovely freebie found at pardon my chaos blog can’t wait to give it a go!

pearls diamondsNow I can image this pearls and diamonds cardigan in a lovely Christmas Red for that lovely party dress (I really should have produced girls not boys, darn it) I’m looking forward to testing this pattern out by Julia Visconsin on Petite Purls.

multi coloured topThis one has won my heart and I’m currently testing this little beauty out right now! Blog post up soon I promise but until then its by a very talented Mon petit violon on her etsy shop for a reasonable £2.99, be warned you may get  a little side tracked by all her beautiful patterns though.

So there you go my baby tops/cardigans/jumpers makes to make!


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