Nordic Inspired Blanket

Nordic Inspired blanket 

Just a quick post tonight as I’ve been very busy working away at this little gem….unfortunately the photographs I took don’t do it justice.

Hook: 4mm
Pattern: A simple granny square blanket with spike, granny, treble stitch rows and a Scalloped edging.
Yarn: Stylecraft special DK 7xGrape, 1xCream, 1xPale Rose, 1xSilver

Notes: This was a special order for a family friend’s Nan so we sat down discussed her favourite colours (purples and pinks) and I them crocheted a very quick sample and the rest is history! I’ve never attempted a scalloped edge as I prefer them to be straight so this took a couple of attempts, but I’m happy with the end result.

The Sample to test the pattern from my stash (before I ordered)Grapes & hues granny sample


nordic blanket rolled

nordic blanket package


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