Bentos Babies

So I follow capture by Lucy and I’ve been in awe of her boys lunches for a while now and a couple of days ago I felt inspired to try it for my boys. It went down very well and I think I have found a new obsession, I’ve be googling silcone cases and dividers ever since and even started a new bento babies Pinterest board!!
Through my searches I came across Eats amazing who is actually amazing at this and has some really amazing ideas and tutorials, she even has a fabulous shop with lots of accessories and everything you may need to start bento babies lunches.
So I tried again yesterday when we went for a picnic after a quick stop at the pound shop for a dinosaur sandwich cutter (my eldest is obsessed with dinosaurs) and some new silicon cupcake cases (as my are quite shabby).

And today’s another Dino sandwich with carrot spikes! I haven’t quite got the hang of themed lunches yet but I think as I get confident it will come, and to be honest the boys are just loving the change!

Ideally I’d like to get the boys new lunch boxes which is this weekends mission as I think I’m going to be a bit fussy with which ones I like. I have purchased some fun accessories from eats amazing, so can’t wait for those to come through and well I’ve raided the cookie cutter box, I have quite a few, but always room for more!

So things I’ve tried so far:
Cucumber stars
Apple hearts
Spiked and initial carrots
Shaped sandwiches

But watch this space for more exciting lunches follow me on Instagram


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