Circles & Squares Blanket

Raspberry Circles

circles & squares messy

This has been my labour of love ever since one of my lovely best friends told me she was having twins. I wanted to do something different from my usual granny square blankets…so I started making lots and lots of these lovely colourful squares just from some stylecraft yarn I already had in my stash, which turned out to look pretty good together.

Pattern: Honey & Roses Granny Square pattern from Little Tin Bird
Hook: 4.5mm
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Aster, Meadow, Grape, Raspberry and White.

Notes: I actually started these blankets months ago before I knew my friend was having twin girls but my friend isn’t a “girlie girl” so I kept in the aster and meadow colours but I did let the grape and raspberry slightly dominate.

I loved making these squares but it felt a little daunting when I had all these squares lined up ready to join together, so I turned to Attic24’s tutorial of how to join squares and didn’t look back. I then hooked two rows of treble stitch and one row of double crochet. My edges are still quite wavy even after I blocked them but I think that’s from the double triple row on my squares as well as my joining, I’m hoping with practice this will get better.

So here’s the progress photos:


circles & squares towers

So here’s the finished Raspberry Circles:

Circles & squares blanket


Circles & Squares open blanket

Grape Circles

There is a twin one to this blanket with the grape dominating the middle diagonal but I had to give it to my friend early as births were imminent. I can report that both beautiful girls are doing well and I love cuddling them in these labour of love blankets, lets hope mummy and daddy do too!




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