A Crochet Adventure…

…I now have an Etsy Shop!!


I am very pleased to announce that something I have been umming and ahhing about for a while now has actually happened. I have decided to see how I do selling some crocheted items through an Etsy shop.

I’ve been making more and more crochet pieces for friends and family’s new bundles of joy (including my own) over the past year and wondered whether I could charge for these special handcrafted pieces. I love to crochet and what I love most is the joy and happiness (as well as bucketfuls of pride) when someone likes and loves what I have made.

So Monday I just decided to jump in and set up a shop, I’ve only popped one item on there at the moment my Granny Square Baby blanket and yesterday I got my very first order! I am very excited and now I am looking at tissue paper and all sorts so it is wrapped up with as much care as I take to make it.

So wish me luck and please feel free to visit as often as you like:) the link is at the top of this page titled shop.


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