Itty Bitty Bunny

itty bitty bunny


So I was tidying up my boys bedrooms when I can across this sad looking critter, he was my very first crochet project nearly 2 years ago. He was made out of some horrid horrid cheap acrylic yarn (before my stylecraft addiction) and as you can see looks very sorry for himself because of it.

Pattern – Simply Crochet magazine issue 2 – Itty Bitty Bunny
Hook – 4mm
Yarn – Cheap acrylic

Notes – I remember starting this little bunny a number of times as I just couldn’t get the hang of working in a round, I found a stitch marker very helpful which I find now I don’t necessarily need to use anymore. I sure have come along way. Even my stitching was pretty hideous when it came to putting together this poor little thing.

I initially made him for my boy no.2 but I remember boy no.1 loved him more mainly because I think he knew I had made him. And so because of that I think I am stuck with this little guy forever as a sweet reminder of how I came to start my glorious hobby of crochet.

Itty bitty bunny me

Oh he could be so cute…

itty bitty bunny closer

…if he wasn’t so bobbly.

itty bitty bunny stitching

Some very bad stitching eek!

So anyway onwards and upwards I’ve come along way and I am still learning through every project I do but it is nice to look back every now and then.


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