CAL A Block A Week 2014, Crochet

CAL – Week 9 Never Ending Love & 10 Butterfly Garden

Long time no posting I know slap my hands but it has just been so crazy the last few weeks all back to normal now so no more excuses. Here are my catch up CAL Blocks…

Never Ending Love – week 9

never ending love close up

Pattern – Never Ending Love by Aurora Suominen
Hook – 5mm
Yarn – Stylecraft special DK in White, Mocha, Raspberry

Notes –  So I ended up crocheting this block a good two weeks after it was released on the facebook page and after seeing everyone’s different versions I just couldn’t decide the order of colours I wanted. I loved Loop san’s version  and she has done a very nifty tutorial to go along with it too. But unfortunately after 1 house move, 1 holiday and 1 flu virus I just had no motivation so I just made it up as I went and I don’t dislike it but I’m not in love with it. As usual I ended up double checking I was doing it right by following Dedri’s tutorial on her blog Look at what I made she is a genius with a crochet tutorial! 

And so to the completed block:

never ending love cal

never ending love corner

It is a tad smaller than my others but I think will block nicely I did try and extra round of trebles (uk) but it was too big maybe I might just try a round of  doubles (uk).

Butterfly Garden – week 10

Butterfly cal close up

Pattern – Butterfly Garden by Chris Simon
Hook – 5mm
Yarn – Stylecraft special DK in White, Mocha, Raspberry

Notes –  As with block 9 I didn’t start this one till a week after it was posted, but this one I found very easy to do and with a week off crocheting it was a lovely task to get back into the swing of things! However half way through I really couldn’t see the butterfly’s just dragonfly’s, I see them fully now through.

And Ta Dah!

Butterfly garden

butterfly cal corner

For full info on this CAL (here) or visit the facebook page (here)

Now to catch up with this weeks!


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