Because I’m happy

Clap along if happiness is a truth…. This is my favourite song at the moment and this week pretty much sums up how I’m feeling!

We moved house at the weekend and I love, love, love, love, love it! It’s old, cold and very back to basics but my kind of house. The sun is shining there are blue skies and the washing machine is finally plumbed in (it is very much needed today) today is a very good day.

This house is so quirky and lovely I had to share some snippets I get to enjoy everyday!

My lovely view from the front living room and some lovely blossom at the top of my road all made me feel very happy yesterday. Lets hope the rest of spring is followed by a glorious summer.

I may be a little quiet with posts this next week or so as I’m still not unpacked and then we’re off to the lakes for a family holiday, I promise I’ve lots of ideas for posts when I get back though. xx Be happy everyone!! xx


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