CAL A Block A Week 2014

CAL – Week 7 Eight Pointed Flower

Eight Pointed Flower

CAL eight pointed close up

Pattern – Eight Pointed Flower by Julie Yeager
Hook – 5mm
Yarn – Stylecraft special DK in White, Mocha, Raspberry

Notes – So I actually finished this block today but it isn’t one of my favourites, I loved crocheting the main flower and I got really excited when I had to go behind four of the petals, I loved it and it worked up pretty easily too. However I struggled with the BPDC – Back Post Double Crochet stitch,Β especially when it was worked through Single Crochet but I used Dedri’s tutorial on her blog Look at what I made and muddled through it. I did however add a further round (15) as it was rather on the small size but I crochet quite tightly so didn’t mind I just repeated round 12 but without the Front Post Double Crochet instead I just popped in a chain.

And after all that here’s the final piece:

CAL Eight pointed block

CAL eight pointed petal close up

CAL eight pointed close up edge

For full info on this CAL (here) or visit the facebook page (here)

Block eight might be late as I’ve a house to unpack after our move on Saturday, wish me luck…


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