Motex Love

motex e202 labelmaker

This week I treated myself to a new craft toy of a label maker. I spent most of last Saturday deciding which one I wanted and even dragged the family to staples but alas they didn’t have the one I had chosen. So back to Notonthehighstreet I went and purchased a beautiful aqua blue motex e202 label maker.

How excited was I when my very friendly and rather late postie (2pm delivery!) handed me my parcel but I had to take the boys to a play date so I had to wait to play with it. I am not disappointed one bit as it’s a delight to use and I’m loving the small stripes of delight it punches out. I fear that I may be purchasing a lot of tape in the next few months (don’t tell the hubby!).

Anyway enough waffle here is it in action:

E202 Motex Labelmaker in Aqua blue

I purchased this beauty at OH MY at Notonthehighstreet.

motex all

The maker came with a lower and upper case wheels and a white tape reelย already installed.

motex top open

To change the letter wheel simply push the button and lift the holder, remove and replace with the other wheel.

motex side open

To change the tape simple open the tape cover and change tape placing the end through the slot which has a very helpful arrow on it, check it comes out at the top and shut the cover.

Motex hello

Then turn the dial to the letters you wish and ta dah! labels aplenty…I found that to get a space in between words just click halfway then continue.

motex with eg

When finish with the label simply turn the dial to the little scissors and hey presto its cut.

motex labels

Labels labels labels

label helper

Obviously all new toys attracts the boys attention but they settled for just a name label in the end.


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