CAL A Block A Week 2014, Crochet

A Block a Week CAL – January recap

Crochet Along through January 


So the new year brought me searching for a new project and brought me to this delight CAL on Facebook A Block A Week for 45 weeks run by Official CCC Social Group it breaks down a daunting large project into block size chunks, just up my street and I wasn’t wrong. It is so much fun waiting each week for a new pattern as well as being apart of a very lovely group who give tremendous advice help and inspiration.

My other joy with this project is the amount I’m learning, so far I’ve learned some beautiful stitches such as the popcorn stitch, fan, and reverse popcorn.

Through this project I’ve decided to keep the colours the same throughout so I can have a beautiful colour coordinated blanket at the end and I personally love them together, what do you think?

I am very excited to see what block designs we get given in February!

If you fancy joining this CAL please find the details here for the Official CCC Social group


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