CAL A Block A Week 2014

CAL – Week 3 SmoothFox’s Starburst

SmoothFox’s Starburst

Smoothfox's starburst close up

Pattern – SmoothFox’s Starburst
Hook – 5mm
Yarn – Stylecraft special DK in White, Mocha, Raspberry

Notes – I’ve been dying to try this block out since it was posted on Sunday and I managed to sit down last night and work quite steadily through the pattern. No new stitches here just some tricky tentacles to figure out in round 3, and thank you to the delightful Dedri over on Look at what I made blog who made a very easy to follow tutorial, which I did use to make sure I had it right (and its a good thing too). Anyway I must be getting quicker as I managed to finish this last night and quickly sew in the ends before toddler group this morning.

Here’s some in progress shots (not the best photos as night time)


And my final block – TA DA!


For full info on this CAL (here) or visit the facebook page (here)

Now onto block four, oh the week is but long….


2 thoughts on “CAL – Week 3 SmoothFox’s Starburst”

  1. Thank you for the link, Louise πŸ˜‰ I’ve just added you on bloglovin so I can see when you do something new.

    I love your colours. Between your Pinky-browns, San’s Blue-green-browns and my fruitbowl, I think we’ve got a pretty good cross-section going here.


    1. Oh thank you Dedri I was literally just telling my hubby that you had linked to my little blog in your post, I’m still fairly new to blogging but really appreciate your tutorials and love your blog. We definitely have the colour spectrum covered!! Lou x

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