CAL A Block A Week 2014

CAL – Week 1 Odyssey


Odyssey block 1

Pattern – Odyssey by Letitia Sherriff
Hook – 5mm
Yarn – Stylecraft special DK in White, Mocha, Raspberry

Notes – This pattern was a little bit of a challenge for me but was quite enjoyable watching it grow. It took me two nights (as I only have a couple of hours a night to crochet due to having two small pickles), and the only thing I had trouble was converting the pattern from US terms to UK terms. I actually had to write it down and say it out aloud to myself as I crocheted. It is supposed to be 12″x12″ but my block is actually 9″x9″ which is fine I think I’ve just got to be careful with the other blocks to make sure they are the same size, ie use the same hook and yarn throughout. The other thing which is slightly annoying is that my block curls a lot and doesn’t look very square, I am hoping with some blocking that it’ll get squarer. I will let you know how I get on.

Here’s some in progress shots (not the best photos as night time)





And my final block – TA DA!

OdysseyFor full info on this CAL (here) or visit the facebook page (here)

Now onto block two Popcorn Parade – a new stitch for me, bring it on.


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