CAL A Block A Week 2014, Crochet

A Block a Week CAL

Crochet-a-long 2014

Mocha, White, Raspberry
Stylecraft special dk Mocha, White, and Raspberry

When I was researching my new projects for 2014 (my attempt at being organised) one of my ideas was to make lots of different squares to form a beautiful blanket. This would hopefully help me to learn new stitches as well as learning to block my work (which I’ve never had to do) and be able to join the squares together (again which I’ve never done).

I’ve got numerous books on reserve at my local library and I have been trolling ravelry and blogs searching for blocks that would go together well. When I came across “A Block a Week CAL” being run via a facebook group Official CCC (Crafty crochet Community) Social group.

What is a CAL
Aka as a crochet-along, where everyone can follow the same pattern together and help advise, support and encourage each other. This particular CAL is to help people accomplish a large blanket project that may seem to daunting to try along (like myself). This will be my second CAL as I took part in Kat Goldin’s Crochet camp last year that I enjoyed so so much, so I was very excited to join this group last week.

Who is behind this CAL
The official CCC social group is based on Facebook and run by: Kimberley, Elaine, Daina, and Erica. I’ve only been a member for a week but this group is so friendly and helpful and every silly question I ask is answered super fast and super lovely. As well as seeing everyone else’s finished blocks and other projects it is great for some inspiration.

A new block pattern will be posted every Sunday on the Facebook page, and after the last block I’ve been promised help on joining techniques and a border pattern.

Started – 12th January  and it doesn’t finish until
Finish – 16th November

That’s an amazing 45 blocks!! That should allow me to make a decent sized blanket, as each square should be 12’x12′, making a 108’x60′ blanket and just in time for Christmas too!

What you’ll need
Hook – I’m quite a tight crocheter so I’ll be using a 5 mm hook
Yarn – I’ve decided on stylecraft special dk in mocha, raspberry and white. This may mean that my squares will be slightly smaller but that’s fine with me.

Blocks posted
Week 1 – Odyssey square by Letitia Sherriff
Week 2 – Popcorn Parade by Melinda Miller


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