Puff Stitch just for ME!

Happy belated New Year!!

I had a lovely holiday away visiting family with my little ones whom enjoyed themselves immensely, and I decided that from all the rush of Christmas gift crocheting I would have a few weeks off plus I couldn’t decide what to make next.

In the end I decided to make something for me from “the stash” and as I had enjoyed making the puff stitch scarves for others (and they were very easy to make) I decided on that.

So here it is:



I was given the yarn from a friend so unsure where it originated from but I loved the sparkle and thought it would brighten up my very dull navy blue coat that I wear. As before I used All About Ami pattern (here) and a 4.5mm  hook.

The stitches aren’t as defined as they were using the stylecraft yarn I usually use, but I still like my end result so much so I’m wearing it today!!!

So onto 2014 projects!





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