All About Tea


So my first tea post, we visited a lovely little local tea shop yesterday in the middle of Portsmouth called “All about tea”

The smell was amazing never mind the number of different teas available! Unfortunately the little darlings weren’t as impressed as their mummy and daddy so it was a fairly short visit. Never the less we came home with samples of Portsmouth loose tea, Hampshire tea bags, Caramel loose tea, Christmas teabags and Southsea grey loose tea (for the hubby).

Portsmouth loose tea
Came in a very useful sample pack that was used up in 24hrs it was such a beautiful smooth tea. I usually have milk and two sweeteners but I enjoyed this with just the milk as there was no bitterness at all that I find in some supermarket brands. I would in fact quite happily drink this black as well it was lovely and we will definitely be purchasing some more!

Hampshire tea – teabags
Again a lovely smooth tea I quite like it with milk and one sneaky sweetener.

Caramel loose tea
We had this last night with a slice of stollen, I wasn’t blown away with it you can taste the Caramel and what was surprising was that it wasn’t bitter at all or even had an after taste so was an enjoyable hot drink but I wasn’t in love with it.

Christmas tea – teabags
The smell is divine when you open the bag and I wasn’t disappointed hubby had his without milk where I popped a drop in and again thoroughly enjoyed drinking this tea which will become a firm favourite for this time of year.

Southsea grey loose tea
Not yet sampled by the hubby but will update post when he does sample.

We will definitely be visiting this little outlet in Southsea in the new year to be purchase the Portsmouth tea, visit their visit and blog to find out more (link here) I just wish Portsmouth was easier to get in and out of.




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