Feeling Christmassy anyone?

So onto the Christmas projects!

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m up to this week nothing completed as yet but hopefully by the weekend.

crochet christmas stocking Christmas stocking : this pattern is from Red Heart, their quick and easy Christmas stocking (pattern here) for the first time I actually did a test piece which I would recommend as the pattern said to use a 6mm hook but I’ve used an 8mm instead to get the correct size. I’ve used Stylecrafts special DK again in white, lipstick and green, this is my favorite cheapo yarn at the moment as it feels nice, works very easily and washes lovely.  As you can see I still need to sew it all together but that’s the bit I’m not very good at so I’ll make my second one then sew them both at the same time. 

crochet sowflakesCrochet snowflakes : these are a mixed of patterns from Attic24 (pattern here) and Not So Granny (Pattern here). I have used Drops cotton light in off white, grape and ice blue with a 4mm hook. These are fairly easy and I find that to make one takes 10mins of so, so are great to do while the boys are napping or occupied with cbeebies (bad mummy!). Again this project isn’t finished as I’d like to make a few more to create a garland to hang up for Christmas.


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