Another Granny Square Blanket


My brother and his lovely girlfriend asked me to make a baby blanket for their new niece or nephew to be, I’m still relative new to crochet so the only blankets I’ve made are stripy large granny square blankets each for my two boys, and I was reluctant to try something new for this project (don’t worry though I do have planned a more interesting style of blanket for the new year!)

As the sex of baby is unknown they opted for stylecraft’s special dk in meadow and cream. I’ve used 8.5 balls (100g) of meadow and the majority of the cream ball. This wool is very easy to crochet with and from personal experience very easy to wash, with two boys 2 and a half and under I’ve had a lot of experience!

The pattern I used is just a basic granny square, this is how I make my granny square:
To start – ch4 and sl st into 1st ch to form a ring (then work into the ring)
Round 1 : ch5 (counts as 1tr and ch2), working into the ring *3tr, ch2* repeat another three times, sl st into ch3 of the initial ch5. You should have a squarish shape with four sets of treble sts.
Round 2 : sl st into corner ch sp, ch 5, working into the ch sp where you have just sl st, 3tr, ch1, 3tr, ch2, 3tr, all the way to the end of the round then sl st into ch3 of initial ch 5.
Continue working this way until desired size
Round 1 : ch1, 1dc in corner, *1dc in the next 3 sts, 1dc in ch sp* repeat * until corner then 1dc in corner sp, ch2, 1dc in corner sp, continue *1dc in the next 3 sts, 1dc in ch sp* repeat * until end of round 1dc in corner sp, ch2, 1dc in corner sp then sl st into first ch1.
Round 2 : ch2, 1htr in every dc st from previous round, work the corners with ch2 and continue 1htr in every dc. Sl st into first chain and fasten off.

Anyway enough waffle here is the finished article :



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